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New casino online, the one and only site for the conscious casino player. You will be able to find the hottest new online casinos in the UK, with only one click! We have gathered the most interesting online casino sites 2018 to make it as easy as possible for you. Our selection is a mix between casinos that offer the players a great bonus and casinos that give the players something extra. Take your pick down below and start playing today.

Best New Casino Online 2018

Rank Casino Bonus Min. Deposit Visit
1 chancehill new casino logo £100 None Visit
2 igame casino logo €1000 + 1050 Free Spins 450 Free Spins Visit
3 betsson casino logo €100 None Visit
4 betsafe new casino online logo £250 + 10 Big Spins None Visit
5 reel vegas casino logo £500 + 50 Free Spins None Visit
6 paf casino logo 300 Free Spins None Visit
7 playamo casino logo €300 + 150 Free Spins None Visit
8 yeti casino logo £333 + 100 Free Spins 23 Free Spins Visit
9 maria online casino logo £100 None Visit
10 instacasino logo new casino £200 + 25 RealSpins None Visit
11 slotohit casino logo €600 None Visit
12 slotsmoon casino logo £200 + 100 Free Spins None Visit
13 joreels casino logo £200 + 50 Free Spins None Visit
14 ovo casino logo €1000 €8 Visit
15 betnspin casino logo €500 None Visit
16 yako casino logo €222 + 232 Free Spins 10 Free Spins Visit
17 oceanbets casino logo 200 €2000 None Visit
18 casilando casino logo €300 + 100 Free Spins 10 Free Spins Visit
19 spin fiesta casino logo £200 None Visit
20 vera john casino logo £100 + 100 Free Spins None Visit
21 fantasino casino online logo €700 + 140 Free Spins None Visit

As a so called casino-player, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of new casinos are being launched. The marketing-stunts for new casinos today have almost reached a crazy standard the last couple of years, something that we do like. One example is that the commercials on television and internet are bombarded by different casinos, that want to show that they are better than the other. The main reason for this increase is that demand is so high.

Creating a casino is not as difficult as you might think today. The technology behind a online-casino is not the hardest thing for one with knowledge to figure out- and in today’s society someone can buy knowledge quite easily. The hard thing is only that quite a big investment is required.

new casino 2018

Why so Many New Casinos 2017

The competition that comes with having many casinos, is obviously very good for us players. Casinos make every effort to keep playing at their casino so they offer big bonuses and benefits. However, it is important to be careful about new casinos 2017 as there are some ugly fishes out there on the market. To be on the safe side, always check back with us and take a peek at our lists to make sure that the new casino you intended to play is reliable and has the best deals for the moment!

New casinos are being launched at a furious pace and only in January this year there have been a number of new casinos aimed at the UK market. Just 15 years ago, on average, 5 new casinos were launched each year that turned to the UK market and many are wondering why 5 new casinos are launched  every month – only in the UK.

There has definitely become more players who choose to casino online today than 15 years ago. This is because accessibility has become better for everyone, while online casinos have received much attention in recent years; through massive marketing campaigns that has taken place. Being more mobile today than before has also contributed to the fact that more people play online. Also, today, about 30 percent of all players choose to play on casinos with mobile devices.

With the increasing use of mobile devices, it has also led to the launch of a number of casinos primarily aimed at players who prefer to play with mobile devices; such as mobile phones or tablets.

New Casino 2018

We predict a really interesting next year and if you are looking for the best online casino 2018 this is the site you should come to. We will be on top of new casinos and what they will bring to the table. This means that you will also have the possibility to grab the best bonuses and a lot of Free Spins before anyone else. As soon as we hear some new rumours about casinos 2018 and other relevant information, we will keep you updated.

New no deposit Casino 2018

To get the most out of your gambling, it is a great thing to focus on finding new no deposit casinos. When you get a no deposit casino bonus you will have the opportunity to try it out for free. Do we need to say more? What kind of no deposit you get differ from different operators. It may be no deposit free spins, a no deposit bonus or something else. New no deposit casinos always want to give their players a really good reason why to stay with this operator.

This is a way to show them the website, the game selection and much more. Of course this is a costly way getting players but they hope to win many players over from their competitors in the end. This is the website you need to always be able to be first with new no deposit casino and take advantage of the best bonuses.

New no deposit casinos in UK

We will however always promote the new no deposit casinos that we consider best overall, comparing a lot of different factors. Even though an new online casino offers a great no deposit bonus in any way, it need to qualify a lot of other things. A great customer support, good payment options and a really attractive slot selection is just as important in our opinion. We want that our players love the casinos that we promote and keep on coming to our site to find a new, even better, new no deposit casino.

Even though it is not as common with no deposit casinos in uk as it is in many other countries, for example, Sweden and Norway, there still are a lot of casinos promoting some kind of no deposit bonus.

New online Casinos 2018

Why do we really focus on finding you a new online casino site to play at? For starters, of course you might already been using the welcome offers at older onlinecasinos. This is for sure a main reason for many players to find a new place to gamble at. However, we think there is a lot of other reasons as well. As in any other industry, online casino sites is evolving. Constantly we get acquainted to new features, better websites and customer support, more user friendly and so on. A new casino online really needs to stand out among the extremely big competition. One way is, of course, to give the players a bonus offer they can’t refuse. This will work, for some time. But they need something more to create high value, long term players.

This is when a fresh look comes in. A nice looking website with a user friendly interface will certainly give the players something more. A new uk online casino 2018  will therefore be forced to have this. If they want players to stick along for a longer time than using up the welcome offer. Another, more and more important feature, is payment. To be able to offer players quick and easy payments and withdrawals will make players stay. We always see a lot of complains regarding uk online casinos, with a long waiting time for withdrawals. This is just one example what we are looking for when we make our selection of different new online casino sites in uk 2018.

New online casino 2018

To narrow it all down we have a bullet list for what we are looking for, scouting a new online casino 2018:

  • Safe and secure gaming – always the most important
  • A user friendly interface that we know the majority of players like
  • Good payments selection – quick and easy payments and withdrawal to a various selection of providers
  • A great casino bonus – both as welcome offer and at continued gaming
  • A wide range of different casino games, both slots, live casino and other casino games

Of course, we can make this list extremely long. This, however, is the main criteria selecting the different new casino online brand we would like to promote.

Games at a new casino online

The different games that an casino online offer, will always be the main reason a player visit it. If it is not fun to play, why even bother? If there is one thing that really has developed the last couple of years, it is the games at online casino sites. For starters, live casino has entered. This will take you into a real live casino hall, making your bets to a live person on your screen. Across the table you will be able to talk to your dealer and even your fellow gamblers.

We have stil just seen the start of the live casino era, but we are certain we will see a lot more in the not so distant future. Since VR casino sites also are hitting the market, we are suspecting a great setup soon. Just put on the VR Goggles and start walking around in a almost real casino, find you game of passion, sit down and start playing.

Except from the live casino, video slots has really evolved the last years. Many new game developers are constantly pushing themselves to be on the very edge of gaming. Microgaming is one of the oldest within the business. For a long time, their games didn’t need to surprise the players. But, when new developers came, the scene changed. NetEnt, Betsoft Gaming and Thunderkick are just some of the competitors we see today. Great graphics and sound effects, new features with almost every game and much more. The big competition we have noticed within the last years will certainly keep on pushing the game developers in 2018 to make the games even better, faster, more fun and with a better RTP.

Highest RTP in new casino games

One way to make a new online casino game being picked up by the crowd is a high rtp, return to player. This is the percentage that a video slot return of the players investment. This percentage is if you would ply the exact same casino game during a really, really long time. Maybe over a million spins, the payback percentage would be around 96% or so. When you play at jackpot games, it is a bit less. Some older slots are already extremely popular, why new games from time to time need an extra edge to succeed. This is why you from time to time will see really high RTP at casino games in 2018.

New casinos 2017 – Time to play!

We certainly hope that you find many new favourites among the casinos here today.