Mega Fortune – The famous jackpot game

mega fortune slot reviewNetEnt is one of the biggest and greatest names in the field of online gambling and you have probably heard about the game Mega Fortune. The company’s name stands behind some of the best online gambling games that have been created. Some famous ones include Planet of the Apes, Hotline and the jackpot game Divine Fortune. If you happen to play online games for fun, then chances are that you have already played a game made by NetEnt.  Many of the biggest online casinos feature various games made by this company – and this can be thought of as a seal of guarantee. Now, no matter who you are, we suggest that you try out the game called Mega Fortune and see what it’s all about. But if you’re hesitant about it – then we’re here to share with you some more information about this game. Read the review below and you will find all the information you will need for deciding whether to play this game.

What Mega Fortune is all about

The theme of this game is luxury – if we had to put it in one word. Everything about this game oozes luxury and money and the high life. If you find that this sort of living inspires you and if you aspire to climb society’s hierarchy all the way to the top one day – then this game will be a valuable distraction that you could use if you wish to have some fun on the way.

We’ll start with the symbols. There are different kinds of them – as in all other slot games in existence, of course. You will be able to see a white limousine, an expensive luxurious watch, a stack of money, and some wine with a cigar on an ashtray. These are the high-value symbols of the game – if you can make winning combinations with them, then you will typically win a big sum of money. Then there are the low-value symbols, that come in the shape of a ring. At the center of the ring, there are the symbols of the card numbers.

But there are also special symbols. Three of them, to be more precise. The first special symbol is the bonus symbol that will give you access to a bonus game if you can use it right. The bonus symbol comes in the form of a wheel of fortune with the term “bonus” written on it. The second special symbol is the wild symbol that you can use as a substitution for any other symbol of the game – excepting the special symbols themselves. This symbol comes in the form of a luxurious yacht. Finally, there’s the scatter symbol. If you use this symbol properly, then you will get access to a number of free spins. The scatter symbol is in the form of a champagne bottle and two glasses. You didn’t think that there won’t be any champagne in this game of luxury, right?

mega fortune slot

The theme and overall feel of the game

As far as slot games go – this one is the most luxurious. As we have mentioned before, the overall atmosphere is that of luxury and if you’re a type of person that loves luxury, then you will love the atmosphere of this game. It’s as simple as that.

The background in the game isn’t that detailed, to be fair. You can see that there is some water at the sunset in the background – there are also some buildings in the back and a palm tree to the side. Even though it’s minimalistic, the background still manages to capture the feeling that one has when he or she lives in a world of luxury.

We have already discussed some more about the symbols – they too will reminisce one of the fast life. But if there is one feature that this game is known for, it would have to be the background music. You’ll find it hard to stop bouncing to the beat of the music while you play. It goes to the tune of the golden age of the soul and funk music with a modern twist. However, the keyboard sounds of the music may get into your head after a while – they may get far too loud for your liking. But this is no problem at all, as you will be able to disable the music at any moment you choose. To be fair, the music is intended to relax you and immerse you in the overall atmosphere of the game. The truth is that it’s a simple loop of a repetitive melody the likes of which you can find in many other slot games.

If we have one remark about the atmosphere of this game it’s that it can get too old-school at times. This is not a modern luxury that we’re talking about – we had the impression that we were living luxurious lives back in the seventies when we were playing this game. But if you wish to experience some time traveling – then playing this game will do you a favor.

Playing the game and special features

As far as the gameplay – all you need to do is place your bets on the pay lines and hit the spin button. There are, in total, 25 pay lines. If you can make a winning combination of the symbols on any spin, then you will be rewarded based on the value of the symbol that you have made the win with. In this sense, the game is like any other slot game in existence.

And finally – there’s the special feature. If you can hit three or more bonus symbols on any pay line in consecutive order – then you will get access to the bonus game. Here you will need to spin the wheel of fortune – it has three tiers. If you get past the third tier, then you will get the mega jackpot and a huge amount of money. But you will be able to get monetary prizes on every step of the way.

Last words on Mega Fortune slot

Mega Fortune is a fun game with the theme of luxury. We suggest that you try it out and see what it’s about for yourself. We think that you will like it.

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