New Online Casino 2022 in USA

Are you looking for new online casinos in the US? Then you came to the right website. We specialize in finding and listing new casinos that are available to US players in 2022. Before we list them they will need to have certain criteria like security, generous welcome bonuses, and so on.

This is seldom a problem on the US market since the licensing system that have helped the gambling scence to grow quickly. Because of the licensing there are also different casinos that you can play at depending on which state you live in. Click on the state that you belong to below the find the latest casinos that are available in 2022.

new online casinos us 2021

Use our interactive map below to find online casinos in your US state:

For New Online Casinos in New Jersey – Click Here

For New Online Casinos in Pennsylvania – Click Here

More States Coming

As you can see, we are only listing New Jersey and Pennsylvania casinos at the moment. These are the two major states that allow online casino. Throughout 2022, we hope that we will be able to add many more states and casinos to our ranking tables. Stay tuned!

New Casinos 2022 in the USA

New casinos in the USA are set to cast a permanent glow in 2022 in the United States of America. 2022 has been a topsy-turvy year in America, with the ravages of Covid-19 and a hard-fought election dominating the year. The Covid-19 debacle and the attendant lockdown lock-down did a lot to undermine the economy and slow down business. Casino business took a hit in the attendant downturn from the debacle, with firms shelving plans to develop or expand into new markets. However, 2022 is looking promising and the casino industry is part of the big ray of hope on the horizon. Many more states in the USA would be looking to welcome new casinos in the USA in 2022 and going forward.

A general overview of the gambling landscape in the USA

The United States of America has the biggest and most vibrant economy in the world. Big gambling cities like Las Vegas contribute a large share of the wealth that makes it’s economy the biggest on the planet. However, there are still large swathes of the country where gambling is still illegal. The good news is that this is all set to change going into 2022. A large number of states are already in the process of passing legislation to legalize and regulate gambling in their territories. States like Florida, Connecticut, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kentucky, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Missouri, and Nebraska are already in advanced stages of considering legislation on gambling. This is in addition to the 24 states where gambling is already legal and under proper regulation.

Exciting features of new casinos 2022 in the US

New casino sites 2022 in the USA are bristling and raring to go into the new year. This optimism is grounded in the innovative and generous offerings they have in stock for their subscribers going into the new year.

New casinos 2022 in the USA have exciting new trends to serve up to their subscribers. One such new fantastic trend is virtual reality gameplay. Subscribers to new online casino sites 2022 in the USA will experience more immersive gameplay and enhanced user experience playing virtual reality games. That’s not all as the bonuses and promotions on those platforms get bigger and more appealing. For subscribers looking for the most generous welcome bonuses spiced with numerous free spins, new casinos 2022 in the USA is the place to be.


It doesn’t end there, new casinos in the USA ensure that their subscribers experience no hassles with payments. There are so many channels and platforms for making deposits and withdrawals on new online casinos 2022 in the USA. The gameplay on those platforms is also exhilaratingly good. Those platforms go to great lengths to get the best game developers to stock up their library of games for them. Incredibly exciting games, stunning live casino action, and the best in new trends in gaming are part of the attraction on new casinos 2022 in the USA.

Also, when it comes to offering unrivaled customer support services, new casinos in the USA are kings. Customers get a royal treatment and a very quick and effective resolution of issues as it comes to their notice on new casinos 2022 in the USA. 

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