Privacy & Cookie Policy

This Privacy & Cookie Policy for (also “us”, “we”, “website” etc) consist of the 1.) Privacy Policy and the 2.) Cookie Policy and was last updated December 2018.

1. Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy, we describe how we collect and store your personal data when you visit our website. This Privacy Policy falls under the GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation.

1.1 Non-personal data & Personal data

Non-personal data cannot be linked to an identifiable person. Examples of such data that we collect include data such as the type of device you use while browsing around our website, how much time you spend on certain web pages and so on. We collect this non-personal data in order to enhance the website experience by focusing more on content and design that visitors like the most, making the website faster and so on.

Personal data we indirectly collect through the use of Google Analytics (from Google Inc, “Google”) is your IP address (internet protocol address). With this information, we can see the location of our visitors and based on this data we can make our website better to reflect where our visitors come from.

1.2 Manage your personal data

You can easily opt out of Google Analytics by clicking the link in section 2.3 and follow the steps.

1.3 Third parties

Third parties with access to your data are:

  • WordPress, a CMS platform that this website is built upon. Read their privacy policy here.
  • Google Analytics, an analytical tool from Google. See the opt-out link in section 2.3 below.

1.4 How we protect data

We use SSL encryption here at This is encrypted with SHA-256 and RSA for best protection. We always strive to follow best practices on how to protect and secure data in the best of ways.

2. Cookie Policy

We use cookies in order to enhance the user experience of this website. Upon visiting for the first time, you will see a disclaimer in the footer. By clicking agree, you accept this Cookie Policy and the use and storage of cookies.

2.1 What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that contain information about your visit to a website. Cookies can save information on user settings such as language, fonts or similar. Cookies can also give information on what type of device you browse with (mobile phone or tablet for example), and how much time is spent on a certain webpage among other things.

Cookies are optional and you can reject/decline and delete cookies in your browser settings (see section 2.3).

2.2 Why we use cookies

We use cookies in order to make your visit to our website as good and convenient as possible. With cookie information, we can adjust our website to reflect what visitors seem to like the most. If for example, we see that the majority of visitors use a mobile phone, it might be a good idea to always think “mobile first” when we create new content.

2.3 How you can manage cookies

You can decide if you want to delete, reject or decline cookies on a certain website. You can also delete already saved cookies and choose to not save cookies at all in your browser. Depending on what browser you use (Chrome, Safari, Explorer etc), your cookie settings are a little bit different. Just remember that our website might not work fully as intended if you reject cookies.

Click here to see how you can manage your cookies depending on your browser.

Click here if you want to opt out of Google Analytics.

2.4 About some different cookie types

Some of the most common types of cookies that are good to know a little bit about are the following:

Session cookies, also called temporary, are used only when you browse a website in order for things to work and be presented as good as possible. These cookies will be deleted when you close your browser.

Functional cookies, also called permanent, are used to save certain settings and to customize the website experience for you as a user so that you can get the website presented the same way upon the next visit. These cookies bring you a more personalized website experience.

Analytical cookies, are used with for example Google Analytics and these are used so that website owners can gain insight in user behaviours such as what devices visitors browse with (mobile, tablet etc), where visitors spend their browsing time and so on. With this information, website owners can adapt and rebuild their websites to reflect what visitors seem to like the most.

All in all, cookies are there to make the user experience as good as possible for you as a visitor.

This Privacy and Cookie Policy can be updated at any time, so be sure to come back here every now and then in order to read the latest version. With the continuing use of our website, you accept how we handle, collect and store data for the purposes mentioned in these policies.

We never sell any data to third parties and we always take efforts in protecting and securing the data the best possible ways for your protection. You can always contact us if you have any questions about these policies.

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