Have you missed these great slots?

Slot machine games have always been popular with gamblers and each year brings more new and exciting games. The top software companies in the industry make it a point to release games that are different from the ones gamblers are already familiar with. Here are some slot games that you might have missed, that is actually pretty amazing.

have you missed these slots news

When Pigs Fly

When Pigs Fly takes a phrase most everyone is familiar with and makes them more familiar with it. Though the game was released by NetEnt in 2016, in 2018 it continues to delight players looking for a uniquely themed slot machine. The game sends a group of happy piggies into space to explore other planets. Anytime that the pig astronaut boards a space shuttle players get free spins. With a 1980s cartoon feel, the game is perfect for anyone who grew up watching cartoons during that decade.


Another popular slot with an unusual theme is Nrvna. The theme of the game is said to be a combination of futuristic and spiritual elements, putting it in a class of its own. Everything about this game is eye-catching and energetic, including its wild symbol represented by a star contained within a pink orb. A diamond trapped in a sphere is the game’s visually stunning scatter symbol. With constantly changing colors in the background, few other slots are as visually stimulating as this one is. Selected paylines even vibrate before players eyes.

Castle Builder II

Proving that in 2018 gamblers are looking for slots that are more interactive than ever before; Castle Builder II has become an extremely popular slot machine game this year. The premise of the game is that players are tasked with building a castle for the daughter of a King and the unknown man she will marry one day. Once they have completed building the castle, players then have the responsibility of choosing the man that the King’s daughter will marry. Players that choose the right man will be handsomely rewarded with a significant cash prize.

Voodoo Candy Shop

Keeping with the trend in uniquely themed slot machines, one title that has become popular is Voodoo Candy Shop. It takes the sweetness of a candy shop and morphs it with the creepiness of voodoo magic. With voodoo dolls, African masks and parchments, the game can be unsettling for the faint of heart.

Big Bad Wolf

Gamblers that are familiar with the story of The Three Little Pigs are flocking to the Big Bad Wolf slot machine. The game takes place at the straw house made famous in the story. It features muted colors and graphics, making the game a much more calming influence than the story it was based on never was. The most notable bonus feature of Big Bad Wolf is Blowing Down The House. It gives players a fresh start with brand new reels and renews their hope that they may win money.

These are just a few of the year’s most popular slot machines. Each has its own unique qualities and breaks the mold of the slot machines players seen in previous years.

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