There is a sea of online payment methods that you could use for making payments online. This could make it rather difficult for you to pick only one of them and use it. The reason for this is that different payment methods feature different benefits and potential drawbacks that you will experience with their use. So, how do you go about this issue of deciding which payment method you will end up using?

Well, reading reviews such as this one may be one thing that you could do in order to get educated on the subject. This could help you get some info before using different methods to make online payments. And this goes regardless if you wish to deposit and withdraw money in online casinos or to make payments on other platforms. So, let us give you our understanding of this payment method called Zimpler and what we think about it.

zimpler payment method

Basic information on Zimpler

Zimpler is a payment method that was developed only recently, back in 2016. This means that it’s more than 2 years in development after it was originally created, at the time of writing. It was founded in the country of Sweden. The company has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

The team that stands behind this enterprise consists of dedicated professionals that have the start-up mentality. This is great in the sense that they are all dedicated to implementing the newest technologies that are available. This in order to make the service great. They are not bogged down with obsolete methods of doing business. The electronic wallet of Zimpler can only be used in the countries of Sweden and Finland for now. However, in the near future, it’s expected that its use will be supported in many other countries in Europe and in the entire world.

Is Zimpler safe for use?

The employees and officials at Zimpler place a premium on the security of the platform. This means that you should feel very secure and stable when you’re using Zimpler. In fact, they are under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority. They add another layer of protection and security of your funds.

Sadly, there are many other online payment methods that you could use that are not very transparent about their potentially shady financial practices. There are many reports by users of these other payment options that report that their money was frozen or even stolen while they used these payment options.

Well, chances are that you won’t be dealing with any of these problems if you use Zimpler. A great number of people that have used Zimpler can testify about the authenticity of this service.

Zimpler and online casinos

zimpler payment casinosNow, chances are, since you’re reading this article, that you’ll want to learn more about the use of Zimpler for online casinos. Specifically, you’ll want to know whether you will be able to use this payment method for making transactions in online casinos.

Well, first of all, we have to tell you that not all online casinos support this payment method. And this is understandable. Zimpler is only one of the many payment methods that are popular when it comes to casinos. However, it still holds true that you could use Zimpler in many, if not most online casinos. This is, after all, a very popular payment method. It’s supported and even endorsed by many online casinos. In fact, over 250 of the best online casinos in the world support the use of this method.

What to be aware of

But you will want to investigate more about the particulars of the use of this payment method in online casinos. For example, it’s obvious that the platform of Zimpler will have to get some money in return for its services. And this will come as a percentage of the transactions that you will make through this platform. This will typically be a few percents and it won’t be a big sum of money on average. However, you need to be aware that these transaction costs do add up with time. It means that you should think about whether you’re prepared to pay these fees while you use Zimpler.

Also, you will also need to investigate the particulars of making deposits and withdrawals in particular casinos. Some casinos will only allow you to make deposits with this method. They won’t allow you to make withdrawals. There are casinos that will give you the option to both make deposits and withdrawals by using this method. And there are casinos that don’t support the use of this payment method.

Cons of using Zimpler

In reality, we can’t really find many cons that you would experience if you use Zimpler. The platform is fully secured with the latest encryption technology. The technical support team that works for the company is always up to the task and is made of dedicated professionals that will be delighted to solve all of the potential issues that you may have with Zimpler. And many of the best online casinos support the use of Zimpler for either making deposits or withdrawals.

However, if we had to mention a single con that you may experience with the use of Zimpler, then it would have to be the fact that you can only use this platform in the countries of Sweden and Finland at the moment. However, as we have mentioned in one of the previous paragraphs. This is like to change in the near future as more and more countries will get supported when it comes to the use of Zimpler.

In conclusion

We think that Zimpler is a phenomenal choice that you can make if you wish to use it for making online payments in casinos. One of the best things about this e-wallet is the fact that it’s designed to be perfect for mobile use. And this, in turn, means that you can use this payment method on the go from your smartphone, quickly and effectively. So, we hope that you will have a lot of fun by using Zimpler in online casinos to fund your account and play some of your favorite online gambling games.

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