Skrill, one of the most popular ways to make international money transfers nowadays. For many of our readers, this is the primary option, playing at online casinos. Due to this, we want to give you a bit more information – please continue reading:

Skrill – Introduction

There are many reasons as to why you would want to use payment methods that are different than cash. One of them is for making online payments. There is simply no way in which you can use hard cash for making online payments. And this is where the other forms of payment methods come into play. Now, there are many different payment methods that you can utilize for making online payments. And some of them are popular, while others not so much.

One of the most popular payment methods that people use for making online payments and receiving money is Skrill. If you read the rest of this review you will come to understand whether you should or shouldn’t use this payment method for making online payments.

It’s used by more than 30.000.000 people from all around the world

Skrill and online casinos

skrill bank paymentAs it stands, Skrill is one of the most popular methods that are available when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals to and from online casinos. You will be hard-pressed to find new online casinos that don’t support Skrill as a payment method. And the reason for this is simple. Skrill is a very popular method for making payments and it’s used by more than 30.000.000 people from all around the world. While these numbers are not top of the line – especially when you compare them with payment services such as PayPal – they are still nothing to laugh at. And online casinos are privy to the fact that this is a highly popular payment method. So they have decided to use it and support it.

This means that if you can find any online casino, chances are that it will support Skrill as a legit payment method. In most instances, you will learn that the deposits are recognized by the casino instantly. This means that you will be able to deposit money into the casino and start playing your favourite gambling games instantly. However, this is not typically the case when it comes to withdrawing money. In this case, you may need to wait for a few days before the casino processes the payment and gives you the money that you have won. And then you will be able to use this money for whatever purpose you may have. This is not a long-time period – so it doesn’t need to be something that bothers you.

So, Skrill is a widely accepted payment method. And you could use at your leisure and effectively in most online casinos. While there are certain casinos that don’t support this payment method – you will find out that there are many of them that do.

The backlash of Skrill

For all of the good sides about this digital wallet – there are still some things that you should know before deciding whether you want to use it. In fact, there is a significant backlash and customer dissatisfaction when it comes to using Skrill. If you do a bit of research, you will find that many people are disgruntled with Skrill and how it works.

Many of them will tell you that their funds are getting frozen every now and then for no apparent reason. In fact, there are testimonies of people that say that their money has outright vanished into thin air at times when they were using Skrill. This is all negligible if you have $10 dollars or so loaded on Skrill, but what happens if you have several thousands of dollars on your account?

Moreover, many people complain about the potentially shady practices of this company when it comes to identity theft. There are times when this company will ask you to give it your personal ID as well as your electricity bill at times. Many people find that they are on the edge when it comes to giving Skrill their personal information. It’s not proven that this company is engaged in shady identity theft practices, but it’s not completely off the map. Suffice it to say that it can be incredibly difficult for you to finish the identification process and it may take a very long time for this happen. There are some instances when people have waited for months on end just so they can get verified.

High rates

And finally, one of the worst things that people are usually angry about when it comes to using Skrill is the fact that the company charges incredibly high rates when you’re making transactions. In some cases, the rates may climb up to incredible 6-9%! And this is not a negligible fee, to begin with. Moreover, there are reports of hidden fees that Skrill tends to charge upon making transactions. We recommend that you really do some research on potentially finding better payment methods that you can use that charge lower fees for making payments.

In some cases, the rates may climb up to incredible 6-9%!

The good sides of Skrill

skrillIf you scan the internet, you will see that the overwhelming response towards Skrill is pretty negative. But there are still some good sides that may benefit you if you decide to use Skrill. First of all, the use of Skrill is endorsed by some major companies such as Skype and GoDaddy. This helps raise the reputation of the company and all but proves that it’s fully legitimate. Moreover, you will be able to see that Skrill is the recipient of many rewards during the years that it has operated. You will be able to see these rewards if you check their official website.

And for all that it’s worth, Skrill is a payment platform that you could use effectively for making online payments. And this is the only thing that you should expect from it.

In conclusion

Skrill is not without its fair share of bad sides. By reading some of the reviews that people have made about it online you will find out that there are many problems that plague the use of this platform.

However, if you’re in desperate need of a way in which you can make quick and effective payments in online casinos. Then we suggest that you give Skrill a try.

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