If you have ever wanted to use a special payment method for the purpose of paying for things online, then you definitely know that there are many options for you to choose in this sense. And not all of them are the same in the services that they offer – some offer a higher quality service, while others not so much. It’s important to distinguish between these different payment methods in order to be able to select the best one of them all. To see all our reviewed banking and payment methods, please check our news articles section.

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Now, the payment method that we will look more into next is Paysafecard. Below in this article, you will find information about what makes this payment option so great and you will learn more about the reasons as to why we believe that you could try using this method for online gambling.

PaysafeCard 101

Originally, Paysafecard started out with little ambition to grow big. It was originally launched in the city of Vienna in Austria. As such, it was originally only available for the people of said country. This was back in the year of 2000. However, not long after that, Paysafecard became available in Germany as well and, not long after that, it began spreading all around the world.

Nowadays there are millions of people that use this option when they need a method with which they can make online payments. It has grown to be one of the most popular payment methods in this sense together with solutions like NetEller and Skrill among others.

PaysafeCard and online casinos

Naturally, as an online gambler, you would be interested in learning more about the potential utility of Paysafecard when it comes to online gambling. Can you use this option in order to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos? While it’s true that not all casinos support this payment method – it’s also true that the number of casinos that do support this method continues to grow steadily. In fact, Paysafecard is one of the most widely used methods of making payments when it comes to online casinos and you will find that most online casinos support this method.
And this gives Paysafecard a green light if you want to use it for making payments in online casinos. But are the payments effective and quick? Well, the answer to this question is: “it depends”.

It depends on the particular casino where you will use this card. In most casinos that support the Paysafecard system, you will be able to make instant deposits in a manner of seconds and start to play your favorite gambling games. However, the speed of withdrawals tends to vary. Some casinos will give you instant withdrawals, while some other casinos will keep you waiting for a few days before you’re allowed to pull back the money.

paysafecard online casinos

Research before you use this method

The best course of action in every case would be to research some more about the particular casinos that you would like to gamble in. See what their supported payment options are and if Paysafecard is supported. And if it is supported, make sure to learn how long you will have to wait to make deposits and withdrawals. Bear in mind that there are certain casinos that will only allow you to make deposits with the Paysafecard – and not withdrawals. But all in all – the Paysafecard is a legit method that you could use for making transactions in many online casinos.


One of the more unique aspects of this payment method is to be found in the way in which you can fund it. If you have used any other online payment method – then chances are that you have funded it by using a credit or debit card. Well, in order to fund your Paysafecard, you will need to buy a special voucher. You can find these vouchers in many retail stores and shops around the world. The money that you will put on your Paysafecard will depend on the value of the voucher that you have purchased.

Using the Paysafecard

First of all, in order to use the Paysafecard, you will need to make an account on the official website of this payment method. And this is a simple process, if you visit the website you will be given a full list of instructions of what you need to do in order to complete it. You will need to give some information about yourself such as full name and email address.

After you have completed this process – you will be able to use the vouchers of the previous paragraph to fund your Paysafecard. And it’s all simple after that. You will be able to write in the details about your personalized Paysafecard in many online casinos that support it.

Potential drawbacks this payment method

As is natural for these payment methods, Paysafecard will take a small fee every time you make a transaction. The size of the fee that will be pulled from the transaction will typically be in excess of a few percents of the value of the entire transactions. You need to see if this is a fee that you’d be willing to pay.

Also, if you read some of the online reviews about this payment method, you will see that there are quite a few disgruntled people that have used the services of the Paysafecard. There are a number of reports of stolen money and bad tech support service. If you plan on using this payment option, we suggest that you keep these things in mind just in case.

In conclusion

If you wish to use Paysafecard for online gambling, then we think that this could be a good choice for you. This is a popular payment method that people from all around the world use on a daily basis. Moreover, it’s supported by many online casinos and chances are that you will have a chance to use it no matter what casino you end up playing in. The Paysafecard is one of the best payment methods in this sense.

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